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5 Essential Reasons to Buy Knee Support

knee support for running

As an active individual or athlete, keeping your body at optimal performance is crucial. However, amidst all the physical exertion and activity, few areas endure the sheer stress put on our knees. As the largest joint in the body, the knee bears most of our weight, assisting us in fundamental actions such as walking, running, and jumping. Unfortunately, this makes it one of the most injury-prone parts of the body, especially in activities rife with sudden movements, twists, and pressure.

Enter the essential nature of knee support. These handy devices serve as guardians for your knees, protecting them from harm and even aiding in the recovery process when injury strikes. But do we all need them? The short answer is yes, we do. Regardless of your level of physical activity, a knee brace offers valuable benefits to both protect and enhance your knee health. We aim to arm you with knowledge about the importance of the brace, so you can make informed decisions regarding your health. This article explores the five key reasons why it is essential in your daily life or sporting activities. Let’s take a significant step toward understanding better and taking care of our knees!

Protection from Injury

The principal function of these protective devices is to prevent the knee from being pushed too far in the wrong direction, thereby reducing the risk of injuries such as sprains or tears. Braces work to confine the knee within its natural range of motion, preventing accidental overextension or awkward twists, common issues in sports like football, basketball, and tennis. By counteracting these harmful movements, braces essentially prevent injuries before they happen, helping you continue your activities with peace of mind.

In this category of preventative knee supports, we find functional braces. Designed explicitly with protection in mind, they lend stability to the knee during high-intensity activities. They are usually constructed with sturdy materials like carbon fiber and are seen often being used by athletes who’ve previously suffered knee injuries. By offering dependable support, these braces lower the chance of re-injury, allowing individuals to resume their sporting passion with enhanced safety.

Support After Recovery

Recovery from an injury is a process that extends far beyond the immediate aftermath of the incident. Particularly in the late recovery stages, your knee remains susceptible to reinjury or aggravation. Knee braces are especially beneficial during this stage. They are designed to provide stability, acting as a support system for your healing knee. Not only do they offer physical support, but they also foster psychological confidence, allowing wearers to reclaim mobility without fear of re-injury. High in versatility, functional braces can be tailored to match different recovery stages, providing optimal support when it’s most needed.

Improper recovery can lead to long-term, chronic pain and other complications. However, knee supports, when combined with other recommended physical therapies, optimize the re-strengthening and re-stabilization of the knee, ensuring it regains its ideal strength.

Rehabilitation of Injured Knee

Knee injuries are often challenging journeys pining from pain to impairment to recovery. Rehabilitation braces, often prescribed by orthopedic specialists, are specifically designed to aid in the recovery process. Their adjustable nature allows you to gradually increase your knee’s range of motion as it heals. While they are usually bulkier compared to other types of braces, their design offers optimal immobilization, providing complete support when the knee is at its most vulnerable post-injury stage.

Incorporating this brace into your recovery process brings multiple advantages. Firstly, it supports and stabilizes the knee, allowing controlled, gradual movements. Such braces also permit the knee joint, ligaments, and muscles to rest and heal, preventing the knee from bearing weight prematurely, which could aggravate the injury.

knee brace

Support for Arthritis in the Knee

Arthritis is a common ailment that significantly impacts the knee’s health, causing pain, stiffness, and a decrease in mobility. For individuals living with arthritis, simple movements can become a challenge. Knee support plays a pivotal role in managing arthritis, particularly by relieving pain and reducing inflammation. By providing support to the affected area, it reduces the load on the arthritic part of the knee, minimizing pain and enhancing the ease of movement. Whether it is for daily activities or physical therapy, braces are significant aids in managing arthritis.

It offers two main benefits — redistributing weight and improving mobility. The weight redistribution takes the strain off the arthritic part of the knee, reducing pain and inflammation. Simultaneously, the brace encourages better alignment of the knee, consequently improving gait and mobility. Users often report less pain and better movement ability, leading to an improved quality of life overall.

Reduction and Prevention of Swelling

Swelling is a common symptom following a knee injury. Usually resulting from inflammation – the body’s natural response to injury – it can cause discomfort, pain, and sometimes even restrict movement. And while it is necessary for healing, excessive swelling can delay recovery and limit mobility.

Knee braces, particularly compression ones, can be highly effective in managing swelling. The firm yet gentle pressure boosts circulation in the afflicted region, promoting fluid return and reducing inflammation and swelling. One can adjust the compression level for comfort and effectiveness, thereby maintaining the balance between support and freedom of movement.

The benefits go beyond immediate swelling reduction. By improving circulation and reducing swelling, these braces contribute to faster recovery. They also assist in easing pain as they compress nerve endings, effectively diluting pain signals sent to the brain. Moreover, by providing warmth and support, they also aid in improving the knee’s flexibility, leading to an overall enhancement in mobility during the recovery period.

Personal Experience

The highlight that sets knee support by Threo apart lies not just in its adjustable straps, but also in its dual silicone waves at the top cuff. The added friction it offers lends more credibility to its claim of being slip-free. Nobody wants a knee protector that’s always sliding down with every move – now that’s a true ordeal. This striking feature, I vividly remember, came to my aid during a rigorous cycling event. My knee started causing discomfort right in the middle of the race. Expectedly, I had this brace in my bag. Its anti-slip feature ensured that it didn’t budge an inch, even amidst intense cycling. Result – I could continue the race with no further hiccups.

Another applaudable feature is the high-quality fabric, offering breathability and sweat absorption. Wearing a knee brace for extended periods can get uncomfortable, but it holds an edge with its comfortable fabric. I can vouch for it as I wore it for an entire day with zero discomfort.

The versatile nature of the Threo knee brace caters to a wide range of sporting activities. Be it a walk or a basketball match, it provides joint stability, reducing the risk of injury. Particularly during long walking trips, the knee support for walking has been an absolute savior, noticeably easing the strain on my knees. Moreover, from my experience playing basketball, I can affirmatively say that it has always worked as my best defense against potential knee injuries.

Summing up, this brace excels in function, comfort, and adaptability. From my personal experience, it serves as a fantastic companion for alleviating knee pain, enhancing muscular recovery, and providing utmost joint stability. Whether your activity involves a heavy amount of stress on joints or not, Threo knee braces are a worthwhile investment for an active lifestyle.


In conclusion, whether it is for protection against injury, supporting the knee post-recovery, for rehabilitation purposes, serving as relief for arthritic pain, or simply to control and prevent swelling, knee support is extremely crucial. Understanding these reasons reinforces the importance of a brace in sports or daily activities requiring physical exertion. It is recommended to get the right one based on an individual’s needs and requirements. Consulting a doctor or a professional is highly advised to choose the perfect one that fits your orthopedic condition, leg muscles, and walking weight. With optimal support suited to your needs, you can boost your knee health remarkably.




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